• How It Works

    In brief


    Decide the services you require

    Before getting a property sale valuation it helps to know what you require from an estate agent, will an online one be best or one on the local high street.



    Search through our site for the agents that cover your area and compare the features and services you are after.



    It helps to understand how your property sits in the marketplace, online valuation tools can be erroneous, high street agents can pitch too high to secure your business, it is good to know what has sold around you.



    Once your happy with the services and cost of the agency you've chosen you can agree the contract or pay the fee and start marketing your property.



    Potential buyers will offer on your property, good agents will know and qualify the buyers ensuring a smooth sale. Read more about the whole process in our handy guide below.

  • Our beta site is in development

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    Our experts guide you

    Our website will have a variety of experts which will guide the consumer through their home moving journey. Advising what agents will offer, what they may need and not need and tips to sell their home quicker or for more money, these will include guides from ex estate agents, lawyers and mortgage advisors.